Petition to Divest Reed’s Endowment from Fossil Fuels

In early February, the Fossil Free Reed campaign met with the Board of Trustees to argue that our college’s investments in fossil fuel industry are a breach of the Honor Principle and should be discontinued. The Board of Trustees has formed a special committee to evaluate its position on the issue of divestment. We will be meeting with this committee on April 25 to reiterate our stance on the College’s investments and hear updates from the Board’s decision making process.

It is crucial that our campaign is able to show community support, and so we are collecting letters and signatures from students, faculty, staff, and alumni to deliver to the Board at this meeting.

Please take a few minutes to sign our petition to show your support for socially responsible investment of our $500,000,000 endowment. Letters of support can also be sent to to be delivered at this meeting. In particular, we are asking for alumni to refuse to donate to the college until the Board commits to fossil free and socially responsible investment.

We appreciate your support in working toward making Reed College more honestly stand for Honor and the public good! Thank you so much.


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